Printo announces Balu Iyer as new CEO. Expands into new markets.

PrintoApril 14, 2017

Printo, the Bangalore based print retail chain, announced the appointment of Balu Iyer as its new CEO. Balu will succeed Printo cofounder, Manish Sharma, who will move into the role of  Chairman of the Board of Directors and will oversee digital strategy and M&A.

Balu Iyer is an alumnus of UDCT, Mumbai, and IIM (Ahmedabad). He brings twenty-five years of experience from Unilever, where he built multiple businesses including confectionery and mushroom exports.  Balu later joined Chennai based CAMS to run their insurance vertical by leveraging the multi-location presence of the company.

“Printo has developed a unique business model that serves growing SME demand for professional print services. Our customers are the real engine for economic growth and Printo understands this market well. As we create a national footprint, I am excited to lead Printo on this journey of profitable growth.”, said Balu Iyer.

“The Board decided the time was right to elevate Balu to lead Printo’s growth phase as we focus on doubling our revenue in 3 years. I will complement Balu by developing the omni-channel strategy and pursuing M&A opportunities, along with managing the Board.”, said Sharma.

Printo has begun regional expansion with new stores in Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. It expects to extend its footprint to NCR and Mumbai by end of the year.

About Printo
Printo is India”s first and fastest growing retail print chain. Printo makes printing easy for individuals and businesses through its obsessive customer services and focus on quality. Customers can walk into a Printo store for instant business cards, business stationery, brochures, corporate gifts and design services. Apart from using the 28 retail stores, Printo customers can also create and order print products online through and the printing app Pi.

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Is your Idea worth a million bucks?

Today, just stop what you are doing, and ask yourself – Am I happy doing what I do? Yes? Maybe? Kind of? With so many hours spent in the office, a job should be much more than a monthly pay-cheque. Should it not? It should inspire you every day.

Every business starts as an idea, just a spark, and an idea that shifts your business brain into first gear. But a great idea is just on the first steps towards a great business. If all good ideas transformed into profitable ventures, everyone would be an entrepreneur. The fact is, some ideas are workable, some are not and there are yet some others that need a little bit of luck, funding, and faith.

So how do you decide? Ask yourself some tough questions that will expose the weakness of your idea – or reveal hidden strengths. Let’s help you evaluate your business idea and help you take the plunge.

Is this idea something you really want to explore as a business?

Most Entrepreneurs love and live their businesses. It is much more than a job. It is a passion. So take a moment to think, if your heart is into it. If you enthusiastically scream a “YES” Read on!

Is this business idea something you are capable of doing?

Your idea is a spark, a store of inspiration. But translating an idea into a business calls for a lot of hard work. So ask yourself – “Do I have it in me to sweat it out and do the hard work required?”

Does this idea tap your personal strengths?

Not everyone can run a restaurant, a hi-tech business or even a small gift shop on Etsy for that matter. Your strengths and weaknesses go with you to work every day, so make sure your idea aligns well with your personal strengths.

Does this idea meet a need or solve a problem?

For a business to be profitable and have a customer base, it is essential that the business is addressing a problem, a need or a desire. If not, you will be enlisted with the task of creating a sense of need first before presenting your solution to the customers

Will you be taking advantage of a new opportunity?

It can be crucial to have the right ideas in the right place at the right time. Demonetisation and movement of the economy to a more cashless economy presents a great opportunity for alternate payment methods like Paytm and Freecharge. So is your idea too, taking advantage of a new opportunity?

What would be the limitations / weakness of this idea?

While one understands the strengths of a plan/idea, it is also vital to know the weaknesses and limitations of the ideas as well. This can help you to refine the idea/business plan and put your business opportunity in perspective.

Would this idea actually make money — and how fast?

Rather than just asking if a customer might be willing to pay for your product/service, here we try to understand how long it would actually take for the business to generate profits. How long can you wait, until you see the numbers in green ink?  Who will spend money for your product or service?

Go to the drawing board, and see if your idea stand the test of these questions? Do the research, and start your own business. Stop making excuses, and take the plunge.


5 Tips to Create Alluring Posters

Posters are unique in the realm of artwork. They are placed in a position of prominence to attract apt attention. Typically placed at a height with the intention to have optimum visibility. As such they serve an excellent purpose for getting your message across.

Frames on brick wall

The communication can be for any means – homes or offices, indoors or outdoors. They are exceptional in their potential to engage with the masses when placed in public areas. Or even as as instrument to inspire and motivate yourself or others.

poster1.5 - intro3

Creating posters that are effectual and distinctive requires respecting the norms of design keeping in mind the uniqueness of this medium. Here are some tips that can help you design striking posters.

Seize the Idea
Nail the question: What is the design about? The message that you intend to communicate needs to be crystal clear. And the best way to do that – focus on one idea. Discern what your solitary concept would be that you need to express. Your graphics, your text, your every element has to be in service of your one core idea.

poster 2 - idea

Minimal Text
The adage, less is more has tremendous significance in creating posters. The copy you include should be minimum to get your core idea across. It’s equally important to respect the rule of readability from a distance. The poster should be readable from at least 10-feet away. Having long explanation text may have good intention but it is likely to take away the audience from your poster.

poster 3 - minimal text

Use of Space
A substantial tool to generate effective readability is clever use of space. White-space, the unmarked portions between various elements, is essential in your posters. The ample room creates spaciousness, which helps focus the concept on key aspects – your design and copy. Your graphics, margins and text all need to adhere to this tool in order to have posters that breathe.

poster 4 - space

Play with Depth
To direct viewer’s attention use diagonals for composition – the lines and the angles help to create depth and motion. This tactic becomes extremely effective to focus on the crux of the matter. Compositions placed in center can feel bland at times, reason why technique such as this should be exploited to fashion life in the posters.

poster 5 - depth

Examine the Setting
Inspect the surroundings where the posters will be put up. Whether they are on walls or if they are mounted on big stands, it’s critical to take the overall environment into consideration. The poster layout, its colours and size should be mapped out against what’s present in its location. It helps you ensure that instead of the posters getting lost amidst the given ambience, they stand out.

poster 6 - setting

Posters can be pretty and powerful and can even be provocative. As they function to attract attention and deliver key concepts, they can be quite persuasive. You need to be clear about your objective of the communication and use the tools of design to create compelling and potent posters.

6 Ways to Jazz Up Your Desktop

Clean, attractive spaces are not only pleasing to the eye but infuse vigour and make you feel good. They reflect your personality and are a platform for you to do meaningful work.

You spend valuable time on valuable projects at your desktop and it’s significant that such a place has its own sanctity.

Respecting your working space is essential. Ensuring that your zone is uncluttered and represents who you are spurs you to concentrate on your tasks. Here are a few ways to brighten up your work life by sprucing up your desktop.

desktop-artifacts_1Desktop Ware
A smart way to organise your desktop is to use storage units or items that add value to your work space. Attractive pen holders and snazzy clock pieces can add to the allure. Besides, you can get multi-functional products that combine features – card and pen holders that have a clock in tow.

Printo Offers
Assortment of products within wooden and crystal mould. You may select from a range of timepieces, pen holders or elegant combos.

Business Card Cases
Sleek business card holders represent your panache while storing your cards in a neat fashion. So when you need to hand over your business card, do it from stylish options.

Biz card casesPrinto Offers
Lot of alternatives that will gel with your style and requirement.

Plaques / Showcase Honour
Display your achievements that swell your pride. The workspace is your arena from where you churn substantial work and as such self-motivation is important. You may also choose to have photographs of your loved ones in splendid wooden frames.

Printo - Plaque_1

Printo Offers
Wooden plaques that can form as great mementos. They are also effective in terms of paying tribute and to honour performance.

Photo Mugs
Mugs can serve dual purpose. Use them to have your favourite drink. Or employ them for storage. Either ways, elegant mugs will beautify your environment. It gets better when you have photographs imprinted mugs that also keep you dear ones close to you.

White-Mug_21Printo Offers
Many options that can serve your purpose. White Tone and Two Tone mugs are popular. The special ones are Photo Magic mugs, that reveal the image, as the drink is poured.

Using coasters is adept and chic. They have a strong use and as you employ custom-designed stylish coasters, they enrich your desktop and at the same time impress the one having a drink with you.

wooden-coaster-03_a_1Printo Offers
Slick selection of wooden coasters that can showcase your brand and message. Great to look at, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

Desktop calendar is an essential piece for your space. By custom designing the calendar, with your images and messages, you can build something that keeps you close to what you value and also enriches your work space.

Calendar-Group-Shot_1Printo Offers
Lots of choices in terms of designs and sizes that will fit any sort of a desk.

You deserve a working environment that helps you be mindful and cheer you up. Put the effort in making your desktop neater and brighter. It will impress others and excite you to focus on the work that you do.

5 Outdoor Photography Tips

1. Use a wide angle lens to get a bigger picture

Wide-angled lenses are favored for landscape photography, simply because they can show an expansive view, and therefore give an impression of a wide open space. Also, they tend to showcase a greater depth of field and allows one to use faster shutter speeds because they grant more light. Capturing an image at f/16 will make both the background and foreground crisp. Remember to try experimenting with interesting angles with the photographs.

UNSPECIFIED, PERSIAN GULF REGION - JANUARY 09: A airman guides a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster after it returned from delivering cargo to Baghdad on January 9, 2016 to a base in an undisclosed location in the Persian Gulf Region. The U.S. military and coalition forces use the base to transport troops and equipment supporting Operation Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State. They also launch unmanned drones to attack ISIL positions in the region. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

2. Use flash during dawn or dusk

You can extract the most out of a dramatic sunset by having a second element in the foreground. Next, to avoid this foreground element from becoming a silhouette, turn on your flash! Today’s cameras do a fantastic job of fusing the flash with the overall sunset exposure. If you have an impressive subject to light, this look can offer more of the setting in the photo than a silhouette would give. Many cameras does this very well by using aperture priority and your flash put on automatic. However, you’ll have to follow your instruction manual to understand how your camera works. In manual mode, set the sunset exposure so the tones and colors look enhanced, while you leave your flash on automatic.


3. Composition is the key

Composition is crucial for quality portraits. Be sure to include plenty of your surroundings in your images to support scene and add interest to your portraits. Including attractive background and foreground elements can help to add depth and interest to your compositions. Look out for shapes, compelling objects, colors or textures, bright clear blue sky and green fields, or the dappled overhead light filtering through trees. Change the angles to create new, exciting compositions. For metropolitan scenes, look for attractive architecture, textures, or statues to incorporate in your photos.


4. Tripods make for better pictures

Fidgeting with focus, shutter speeds and exposure settings while managing to hold your camera firm and frame your image can be a lot to operate at once. The quick fix is to use a tripod. Not only will your pictures come out sharp, the little bit of extra set-up time will grant you a moment to study the composition to make sure it’s exactly what you wanted. With advancement in technology we now have image stabilization and vibration reduction to allow hand holding of cameras at significantly slow shutter speeds. Irrespective of how good you feel you are at hand holding, the quality and percentage of keepers will improve considerably when you use a good tripod and head.


5. Research locations prior to your photo shoot

Researching exactly about what you have in mind to photograph before you arrive at the venue will save you time. You’ll figure out where other photographers captured beautiful images. Be planned with a list of places and a map so that you can spend more time focusing on shooting and less time walking around aimlessly trying to spot a place.


6 Rewards to Inspire Your Stars

Encouragement is the wind to help people fly to new heights. When you back your team, support their effort, motivate them to go further, the performers feel stronger and get better.

awards1By honouring the achievements of your stars, recognising their performance, by presenting awards that make them feel proud, you play an important role of providing inspiration and leadership.

Here are six ways to applaud and inspire the people who matter to you.

Symbol of peak performance they swell pride and signify accomplishment. The very act of putting the medal around the neck constitutes recognition and respect. You can customise the medal and make them a part of a your regular incentive program as marks of excellence.

medalsPrinto offers
Select from an assortment of medals. There are various designs and colours, with choice of distinctive ribbons that make them look snazzy.

A slick and earthy way to salute your champions courtesy the wooden plaques that provide a great feel. Imprint a photograph and message to recognise the triumph, which will form an impressive display of dignity and pride.


Printo offers
There are two types of plaques, small and big. Engrave your message and print an image to create attractive desktop exhibits.

Traditional method to credit winners for putting effort and attaining splendid results. They are useful in specifying the achievements, which also acts as an authorised recognition, and they can be framed for exquisite appearance.


Printo offers
Superior quality certificates with indelible printing make for an impressive way to recognise the stars. Coupled with sleek frames, they jazz up the offering. Also available are wooden certificates, a unique option that use wooden paper.

Smart way to focus the spotlight. Very effective when you have awards like Performer of the Week or Employee of the Month. Your stars wears it as a badge of honour and is a great stimulant, which encourage others as well to reach high standards.


Printo offers
Range of badges that can be used creatively to honour the aces of your team.

Ingenious way to salute your stars. Use your imagination and the space of the poster to create something unique with a striking message and captivating image. Such inventive recognition of one’s feat is an exciting way to infuse inspiration.


Printo offers
Variety of sizes to create alluring posters that have the ability to galvanise and imbue energy into your stars.

The age-old, charming practice to recognise effort. Earning a trophy is a boost for one’s esteem and a huge motivator. They also inspires others to strive harder so they also be deserving of one.

Acrylic Trophies

Printo offers
Huge selection, from acrylic to wooden to crystal, provides a great deal of choice to create your own style of trophy.

The bond you share with your people gets more endearing when you become a beacon of encouragement & inspiration. Be that wind to help them sail in life. Play this role regularly by rewarding them for their perseverance and effort. It will make them feel better and motivate them to climb higher.

5 Tips for Photographing Children

1. Have Patience

While taking photographs of kids, you get a whole lot of nothing for a while sometimes, or there would times where they might be too shy to start. Even kids you are familiar with may decide they don’t want to be clicked at that moment. You need to hold on to your patience and hang around. Even if they are reluctant initially, there would be a point when they will get comfortable with the camera pointed at them. Make them feel like a star. Play and interact and eventually they’ll come around.


2. Make it Fun

If you are a nascent photographer, who just wants to get the ace portrait photos possible of your kids, then you have to make it worth their while! Making your photo shoots fun and delightful implies that your kids will want to do it over and over again… Get them engaged and take some pictures of you for a change! Show them all the images after the photo shoot and let them help you choose which ones they like and would want to be enlarged.


3. Focus

Switch to ‘autofocus’ to capture kids in action

Auto focus is useful if you want to do a photo shoot of kids in action. Switch to continuous auto focus mode to continuously lock the focus every time the subject is in motion. If you are using a point and shoot camera which doesn’t offer semi-automatic or manual controls, alternatively using the sports mode would help to photograph children in action.


4. Use continuous shooting mode

Today, most cameras offer continuous or burst shooting mode. It basically takes multiple photos in quick succession. Shooting in this mode will help you to capture diversified emotions and expressions of the kid. Also, it is very productive if you are shooting kids playing. Later at the editing stage, you can stitch all those shots and make a very good photo montage.


5. Focus on eyes

The three usual point of vision are shooting at eye level, shooting from the top & shooting from below. Each POV has its different effect. If you are shooting from the top, it means you are dominating (the usual adult’s perspective). Capturing at eye level means you and the subject are equal. And shooting from below means the subject is dominating over you. So taking photos by getting down to the their level helps you to make an intimate connection with the kids. Experiment with different angles and composition, and you may get some breathtaking results.


7 Reasons to Use Signages for Marketing

Visibility. Branding. Landmark. These are some of the critical functions that a signage can serve and much more. When it comes to connecting with your audience, signages are an important device.

Signs that are positioned in appropriate places, with simple and smart communication, go a long way in meeting your business objectives.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider using signages.

  1. Branding
    For your brand to be in mind, it has to be in sight. Your sign communicates your message and represents you, thereby playing an extremely useful role in helping your brand be visible. Continuous exposure to your signage also results in stronger brand association.
  1. Contact Point
    A huge significance of a signage is that it can be a navigator to  reach your location. As consumers keep viewing your signage, it reiterates the geography related to your brand. You can use it to direct prospective customers to your specific address and its own spot becomes a landmark for your brand.


  1. Promotional Tool
    Utilising your signage to promote your offers or events is very beneficial. Considering that your audience is aware of your sign and regularly absorbs the given content, it can be employed to convey new information. Talking about offers is a great incentive for your customers to visit you.
  1. Pertinent Communication
    Signages can be compelling aids in getting your message across. On occasions, what you need is to simply deliver a definite and concise communication. They can function as explicit labels that help your target audience to register the relevant info. They may be big or small, and can be present on doors or gates to express your core message.


  1. Bridge to Social Interaction
    In today’s digital age your brand presence on a social network is mandatory. Users find various platforms to engage with your brand as they seek to fulfill their needs. Signs are a great tool to communicate your social locations. Be it Facebook, Twitter or your own Web site, you can mention the important details, and encourage consumers to interact with you and receive invaluable feedback.


  1. Various Options for Targeting
    Signs come in various types and for all sorts of locations. The extremely popular, outdoor signages are typically mounted. You may use standees outside your premises or in areas frequented by your consumers. Another option are indoor signs to depict clear-cut messages. An interesting type are digital signages, which may be placed either interior or exterior to convey pertinent information.
  1. Cost Effective
    Signages when built and set up smartly in the desired locations to meet your objectives tend to be cost effective. As they offer consistent visibility, they act as a great tool of communication and facilitate interaction with your audience. Reason why they deliver a lot more at much less.signage_no parking Discern your audience. Analyse their characteristics. Based on their patterns and needs, set up signages that they will notice, and which aid in absorption of your message.

Signages at Printo
Standees and Metallic Signages are the popular signs at Printo. Standees are of two types: Indoor and All-Weather. Metallic signages can be constructed in the size and shape taht you want. Also on offer are the prominent and omnipresent, Backlit and Non-Backlit signages.

5 Quick Design Tips for Beginners

1. Your designs should be goal driven

The sole purpose of your design is to get your website to convert towards your goals. Everything else comes secondary. Period.

How you ask?

You need to have a visual hierarchy that leads to a call to action. In layman’s term, feature a headline that ends in a call to action. Then position this headline/call to action pair in a place that the viwers see the most (i.e. top of homepage, top of sidebar, bottom of posts, etc.).


2. Contrast is key

Contrast is one of the most imperative parts of design for mood, legibility and to make it exclusive. Try using fonts and graphics with a contrasting color palette background. Use of photo filters enhances the negative/positive space in an image and apply white or black to create optimum contrast against the background image. A good valuable rule is if you have a lighter colored background with the use of dark colored fonts (and vice versa).


3. Crop photographs for focus

Your photographs will have more impact if you crop them to show only what’s important. Most photos have extraneous visual information that may detract from your purpose. Examine each photo you use and identify where you want the viewer to focus. Then crop the photo so the focal point becomes predominant.


4. Know your audience

A really important step early on in the process is to identify your audience. Know who you’re trying to reach and what’s important to them. Before you can start brainstorming ideas, it’s critical to know your target audience, who you’re designing for. One way to acumen about your audience is to research your competition and their customers. Take a look at their blog and read through the comments to see what their users are saying. They’re likely to have a similar mentality as your users and at least provide you a starting point to work from.

Dart on Target and People

5. Typography is a must

Typography helps users steer through your product, features, and content. It can be simple and elegant at the same time, but should always be easy to read and shouldn’t get in the path of their progress. It takes skill to apply typography to content, to make it engaging while also ensuring it’s helpful to the user and has the correct visual hierarchy. Users love to read content with great typography, and when done right, it’s a huge plus in UI design.

Business Products Typography 2

5 Photography Tips for Beginners

1. Focus

When you’re trying to capture an object, you want that subject to be in focus so the details are crisp. On your smartphone this is very easy; you just tap whatever it is you’re trying to shoot on the screen. For professional cameras it can be a little more complicated, but typically speaking if your camera has a physical shutter button, you can focus by holding the button halfway down. When the camera thinks it’s locked in it’ll usually surround the subject in a green box of some sort and give a cheerful beep indicating everything’s good to go. Press the button the rest of the way and voila, you’ve got an in-focus photo.

While there are lots of advanced things you can do with selective focus, for starters just concentrate on getting what you want in focus. With software these days you can fix nearly any problem you may have with a shot, but you can’t fix focus. That said, here are some simple things to keep in mind: With landscapes you usually want everything in focus, which the camera sometimes doesn’t understand. Most cameras have a “landscape” scene mode for just these occasions.


2. Shoot From A Low Angle

Majority of photos are shot from the chest height of an adult because that’s the most convenient way to take a photo, but it’s not necessarily the best way. One can easily improve their photo by finding a more interesting angle, and often the best way to do that is to simply shoot from a lower perspective.

Shooting from a lower angle makes the subject more interesting simply because we’re not used to looking at them from that perspective. Besides, it allows you to show your subject with nothing but the sky in the background, which is great for removing unwanted distractions and making your subject stand out.

582835_ff9543d4051eff6ffcb37060e389ac46_large low-angle-shot-example1.jpg

3. Use of Flash

There are a couple of ways to get around the limitations of your camera’s built-in flash. Try using a diffuser in front of the flash. It could be a piece of white paper or some translucent plastic. You’ll soften the light and prevent glare and harsh shadows.


4. Light: Wait for it!

On a moderately cloudy day, if the sun is playing hide and seek, just wait it out – it won’t be long.  With autumn colour, when the red and yellow foliage is dry, it really lacks vibrancy if the scene is not lit with bright sunlight. Alternatively, if the scene is damp with moisture from fog, frost, or light rain, the photograph will usually record better when the scene is bathed in a soft overcast light. Knowing your light and adjusting your shooting to the conditions is the key to a great photo. Nice sunny days equal big blue-sky landscape pictures; grey overcast days are perfect for portraits of people and things with no sky in the picture.


5. Use Symmetry

Symmetry is another great photography trick. If you look at the photo attached below, you’ll notice that the reflected and non-reflected parts are divided exactly in half, which looks great for symmetrical reflections. But of course there are other ways you can use symmetry in your photos.